Nothing is more the symbol of last years refugee´s crisis for me than the gold-silver First Aid Blanket.

Such a thin, light and cheap material. Able to save lives by protecting against warmth and cold. It is a worldwide product, easy to get, easy to use. Such a light material covering so many heavy stories. You get the impression that one who needs it couldn´t bare one gram more. Having this shiny reflecting surface the blanket, carried to protect a body, reminds of an icon, it lends an odd aura to a person.

Even the terrorist who was shot in Milano last year was covered with gold, giving the picture a weird touch.

However, has this blanket a meaning for the people who had o use it? What can one make out of it? Can you carry it like a fabric? Can one sew something from it? I want to follow the track of this material and find it in all possible and impossible situations, locations and lives.